Sunday, July 11, 2010

What a day!!

Have I ever mentioned that I HATE school holidays?  and the funny thing is the child of mine who is on school holidays is the one who has been gone all day and not the one giving me grief!  My darling little 4 year old has been so mean and nasty to me all day that by tonight she "hated" me and i'm a "loser" !!  Well what can you say to that?!  I could have run off crying but i don't think she would have cared anyway.  So I sit here in the peace and quiet (after she fell asleep on the lounge - hopefully thinking she hurt mummy's feelings, but highly unlikely), staring at one of my favourite cards I have ever made and thinking "I'm no loser!, check out that card".  I do believe I am getting better at this hobby and owe it all to friends, fellow bloggers, fellow Kaszazz Consultants, magazines and the blessed internet.  I discovered how to make these roses about a year ago on a blog and never actually tried it.  Probably because I didn't have the same tools or the time for that matter.  Well a Kaszazz consultant called Grace put up a tutorial on her blog on how to make roses and having all the tools this time I decided to give it a go.  Now I will be showing some friends how to make them this week because they are AMAZING!!  Thank you so much Grace, you clever here's what I made..that I love and hope you do too...

The paper is just a cheap pack i have had for years.  The blue card is SB Essentials from Kaszazz, the rhinestones, the sticky bling, the ice stickles in the roses, the glitter on Anya's wings and the Glue Gloss it is attached to, the ink, the Angel Post stamp, the scallop punch, the watercolour crayons used to colour the image, the ribbon and the tape and glossy accents are all from Kaszazz also.  The main stamp is Angel Anya from The Greeting Farm.

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  1. Oh your no loser... big hugs!
    kids can be so very hurtful sometimes cant they.

    Im off to check out that tutorial


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