Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm Baaaack!!

Hello my lovely followers,

Today I have been reminded by my BF that yes i am indeedy a very slack blogger!  There has been soooo much going on over the last few months that my head is still spinning.  A promotion at work that is taking me away from home for even longer than i am, a new block of land being purchased, lots and lots and lots of display home shopping finsing the perfect house to our tiny budget.  Our house put on the market - man that was longer and harder than i EVER thought.  Trying to pack and downsize this house - including craft- to fit neatly with the rest of our lives into the garage.  So as I FINALLY get a night off work I better pop somethign up or my 17 followers (not incl. myself..long story..lol ) will become none as I don't post often enough.  So for Kylie (BF) who checks my blog every day and has waited 2 months here are some tags i did yesterday for xmas pressies.  PLus a cute little thang from The Greeting Farm who has been coloured using my first set of limited colours of used copics.....enjoy, i promise i will TRY to post more often...(luv u K xx)

As you can see I am still learning to use copics and am still preferring the watercolours, but like to mix them.


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Hello and welcome to my work in progress....I am a mum of two very outgoing children who keep me on my feet all day. A wife to a man who works hard for our family and doesn't like my craft at all (lol) and a dedicated yet part time Admin Assistant for a charity organisation. I have a love for motorbike riding as well as craft and love to shop - who doesn't right?! Back onto craft - craft in general has been a BIG part of my life for so many years I couldn't possibly tell you when it all first started. Around 2008 I fell in love with Papercrafting, of all forms, off the page, scrapbooking and card making and stamping (my fave). Going from just fun to running my own party plan business with Kaszazz and then back to "just for fun". I hope you enjoy the journey with me as I experiment with techniques, colours and product and learn with me also as I inevitably make mistakes and disasters....all in good fun. Enjoy!!