Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We're down to 2 days!!

It's pretty much official, we have the truck booked in for Friday, the bank promising to have the cheque ready for Friday morning and we are packed and ready to go.  I just need to tee up a time with Mario to do the exchange.  It's all happening!  The concreter is arriving Saturday to do the rear patio area, the shed slab and the laundry door landing.  The clothesline went in yesterday, the letterbox, which wasn't the one we picked but we like it anyway and the gardens all went in yesterday.  Today we had the blinds go in, the turf laid and the fences should have been done but at least the wood is there ready to go.  Tomorrow hopefully that will be in along with Haylee's carpet.  Now the hard work starts, trying to get everything booked for delivery, and all the laybys paid off.  IN 2 DAYS!  But who's complaining? certainly not me!!!  I have one more night shift left before I take 2 weeks off and hopefully will get a few days off from my day job. Friday and Monday would be nice.
  I took some photos there today and felt very sorry for the poor buggers who laidthe turf in 36 degrees of heat!  It looks great though and we are happy with most of the plant selections.

Haylee and Brock impatiently waiting for Mario - who actually got held up waiting for someone else's appliances to go in and missed our appointment - we will get to that tomorrow.

Who's that sexy fella in the boots?  lol looking good babe xx

Excited much? Yes we are!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's getting there.

With one week to go we have alot to are the shots from our final inspection on Monday 31st October.

We met Mario our new site manager (yes Wayne is out unfortunately, I liked him :-<  ) but Mario is lovely and took us around and wrote everything down that needs fixing or changing.  Our only concern is the kitchen benchtop - it looks horrible, it's scratched everywhere where the contractors put their paint tins down and god only knows what else and there was no protective film.  Anyhoo, we will deal with that one this week.

The certifier went over it all on Friday so we are waiting (very nervously) for the final report and hopefully if everything is ok, the Occupancy Certificate.  Once that is received the bank valuer will go out and make sure the property is worth what we are paying for and they will pay the final payment and we will have a brand spanking whopping new mortgage...oh i mean house, new

So the landscaping goes in Monday, Tuesday, the concreter goes in to lay his foundations and all the nitty gritty stuff gets finished.  That's the plan anyway so I have positive thoughts going out and optimism that it will all be ok and we will be in by Friday this week.   We better be, i just finished packing!

Screen door is on, over the wrong coloured door - which is supposed to be fixed this week.

 Our room, new carpet in, looks nice, was glad we didn't have to take the grey.
 Ensuite done, just a few fixes and changes, wrong handles, door is coming apart at the bottom, 2minute repair jobs.

 Waiting for soap dishes to be installed in the shower, the shower screen is really nice!
Water tank is sitting in the garage and not being installed until we move in - apparently they get stolen quite frequently.!!

Kitchen still waiting for the correctly cut splashback - we only had it a few weeks and it had tocome off as they forgot to cut a powerpoint hole - the electrician didn't mark the spot so the kitchen mob didn't cut the hole out.

Haylee's carpet still waiting to go in as her floor needed repairing first.

 Main bathroom bath and vanity.
Our fewly fixed pipe and old mud puddles...will soon turn into grid work for our rear carport.

So that's the update, lots to do but i have faith they will get it done.  I have every finger and toe crossed.  Still not booking in the deliveries until at least Wednesday though, just to be on the safe side.

And on a crafty note....I went to the Penrith Papercrafts Festival today to get my Mother In Law a Cuttlebug for her birthday/xmas present and picked up a few things for myself, nothing fancy....pffft, like I would go there and not spend money on myself!  I picked up 11 copics, heaps of brads, a copic wallet, books, a magazine, stamps, a christmas pack, a spellbinders set, some pins etc etc etc, can't even play with any of it though as I have work x2 all week and no time to myself!  That will have to wait.  2weeks off from my night job from Friday so wooooohooooo, bring it on!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

What the???!!

We went around to the house today to see all the supposed work that was getting done and guess what?!  Nothing!! except a bit of dirt pushed around and a broken water pipe!  Not happy Jan.  2 days and nothing has been done.  If we were in the middle of construction that would be ok but when we have been told 3 times that our inspection is due (and gives a day) and then that day goes by and another day is given it gets more than a little frustrating to keep hearing it has been put off again and again and again.....2 weeks and you should be in is in 4 days and the cleaners haven't even been in.... now we hear it's a week and a half and there is so much to be done...I highly doubt it's a week and a half away.  We are so super happy however for our neighbours across the road,Oli and Rez and their son Daniel they are in almost....with their big furniture coming on Tuesday.  They have no hot water and their landscaping isn't done but who cares waiting for those things....their house is beautiful and they are so excited to finally have the keys.  Who can blame them?!  Jealous!!!  lol

That's my shirty rant for today so i'm off to console myself with a bit of colouring and a JD or 2, or 3.....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nearly there....

Things are moving along steadily today with a quick walk-through with Wayne this morning.  The hallway tiles are finally finished.  That was a bit of a fear of mine that those tiles were going to take 6 weeks to come in and the colour wouldn't be a match.  All is a-ok, the colour matches and it only took 2 weeks so
The landscaping started yesterday with the digger moving all the dirt from the back around to the sides and the front hill levelled out.  Not too sure what they are doing with the front - we thought we were getting a retaining wall but then they moved all the dirt away so maybe not....that's a surprise factor.  We have alot planned for the next 2 days and into next week....
The water tank that is currently sitting in the garage is being installed tomorrow, the cleaners are going into the house for the next 2 days and all the door handles are being fitted.  The electrician is coming in to do the lights, the glass splashback in the kitchen has to be taken back off as they missed a powerpoint.   All the light switches, powerpoints, gas point and TV points are in, toilets, bath and shower screens are all in too.  The painters are coming back to paint a new downpipe and to repaint our front door and our laundry door (yes...the horrible mustard colour is no more!...soon) . 
Here are some pictures of the outside - I probably won't be getting anymore inside pictures until we get the keys but when we get things sorted I will put some inside pictures up.  In the meantime here are the outside ones....

The front yard has been cleared

Not  too sure what they doing here....

The pebbles are getting laid on the gate side which will look great.

The piles of pebbles ready to be spread and the gas and metre box as Haylee wanted me to take a picture of this.   She said "because it's pretty Mum" mmm hmmm....ok whatever floats your boat Hay.

Haylee up the back yard - "take one of me Mum" lol

Garage side dug out ...more on that later... where on earth did that water come from?  It hasn't rained here in 2 weeks ...hope they didn't nick a they wet it to hand shovel it out?

View up the back, although we are seeing some of the neighbours yard in this shot, but not much.

So that's it for today, doesn't look alot but most of it is little things inside getting done and I can see them getting done but never have enough time to take pictures.  We are a little crushed this week though as we were hoping for our final inspection to be Saturday but then last week that got moved back to early next week and then this week it is getting moved back to the end of next week.  We aren't going to be in by next weekend but we are hoping to be in before the weekend of the 5th and 6th...fingers crossed.  I would love to go the Papercrafts Festival at Panthers that weekend so it would be perfect to be in just before then.  One can only hope.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We have a driveway...and a minor problem...

Today the concrete was poured and it looks great.  The step is looking really good and I look forward to seeing the front yard done to see how it is going to look in the end.  We have a slight problem though, and I know it's fixable and not a big deal, just a bit of a shock to see today......
This is the front door yesterday - a little darker than what we were hoping for but close to the garage door so we were cool with it.

mmmmmm, yes well the colour has changed just slightly.....or maybe a little bit more than slightly.  We have trying to convince ourselves that it's ok - as it goes with the colour of the bricks but...yeah, no, we don't like it and the more we look at it, the more we don't like it.  It is supposed to match the garage door.  Emailed Debbie tonight so we will see what the outcome is soon.  

On the plus side the driveway and the step are nice, they are a lovely colour and turned out great.  The eaves and the downpipes are close to getting finished with paint too.

Keep posted as things seem to be moving quite quickly now with our inspection coming up in about a weeks time and then the landscaping and fences will go in.  It's getting close now and I am trying really hard to start the awful process of packing ...again...but can't really pack up any more as I use it all on a daily basis.  Another week and I will start to pack clothes and we should have a move in date when we do our inspection.  We have the Antenna man on alert so he will be ready to go when I give him the date.  He will be installing the aerial, and adding in a few more TV points - we want to have the flexibility to move the TV and lowline if the lounges don't fit a certain would have to see it.....anyhoo, we also found out these days with digital TV's (the kids are getting wall mounted TV's in their room) they will now need antenna ports in the walls also.....that is going to be a BIG bill - about $800!  WOW! 

Have some more news shortly.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Driveway gets poured tomorrow (maybe)

We took a drive past this afternoon as I knew the driveway was getting close and have some pictures to share.  The steel grid thingy was placed down today and the surrounds for the step so hopefully we will have concrete poured tomorrow.  Just uploading these photos and I noticed the eaves must have been painted today but the downpipes are yet to be - they will be the dark grey.

Off to work pay for this very expensive piece of will be worth it though. 


Saturday, October 8, 2011

11 weeks until Christmas!!

Thinking about that today made me think what a sad Christmas it is going to be for the kids - every cent we have is going into our home and I have 2 weeks off without pay from Job #2.  :O(  Anyhoo, I also started thinking I better get my butt into gear and start some Christmas cards.....I coloured Lula and Blush in this afternoon and plan on colouring quite a few more over the next few weeks.  When I get my craft room up and running in our new place I will turn them into cards (because I have no idea where all my Xmas paper is mainly). 

Sitting here colouring in tonight gets me excited for my first copic colouring class next weekend.  Fred the Needle at Penrith is hosting it and I can't wait.  First lesson is learning about the number system, how to store and refill, care for and select paper and ink for them.  Lots of practice with single layer colouring and adding texture with the blender.  Also basic flicking and tip to tip colouring.  I hope I learn a bit out of it and get better at my colouring.....time will tell.  The stamps above are 2 of my new ones - just delivered yesterday from The Stamp Spot - they are from the Greeting Farm - how cute are they!

Just as I had imagined!

We were running late this morning so couldn't have Wayne's time for long but Peter managed to get a shot on his phone (bit dark) of the kitchen splashback that was installed sometime in the last 2days.  It is exactly what i had imagined in my mind and it makes the kitchen look wonderfully light and bright.  Big change from our old kitchen of the dark wood.  I love it.....
Wayne also confirmed the driveway and the shower screens go in this week coming and all the taps.  We have arranged for our final inspection to be done Saturday 22nd Oct. but he has agreed to meet earlier if possible if we can both get an hour off work sometime during the week.  How exciting !!!!  One more week weather permitting and we get to move in.  2 and a half to 3 weeks - it was super exciting to hear those words "you better get organised and start packing".......

Friday, October 7, 2011

Kitchen is in.

Last Saturday we ran into Wayne again and were able to go through the house and see what's been done in the last 2 weeks.  The kitchen was in with still alot to do but the main cupboards were in, the kickboard, the handles etc. The laundry tub is in, most of the tiles are down just a few to go in the hallway.  The bathroom has vanities and the bathroom  tiles were done.  We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the kitchen splashback this week and are hoping it will be in by tomorrow when we go through again.  All the skirtings are done and the painters have been in this week so we should see lots more finished tomorrow.  Most of the doors were in last weekend too.  We have noticed a few things wrong so need to bring those up with Wayne tomorrow but apart from those few little things it has been a dream run and I hope it continues that way.  It's funny as I have heard so many people say they would never build again.....I would build again with Zac Homes in a heartbeat.....just fork out rent while I build.   Here are the latest pictures and I should have some more tomorrow....

 Was kinda hoping those tiles were going to go all the way to the door but that's ok, it's enough of a protection for the walls.
 This is the spare room at the back, hole in the wall is for the power point.  House across the road is a nice view, I will soon have a fence there.
 Brocks wardrobe doors are in and the shelf.  And his main door on the left - he has the funny shaped room where the door is at an angle.
 Kitchen looks great - the benches are nice, the high gloss cupboards are super shiny and the handles suit it very much.  Was a bit worried about the kickboard, didn't realise the black would be so noticable but I like it the more i look at it.
 Haylee in her wardrobe.....
 Ensuite tiles. Silver in colour - i likey alot!
 Close up of the feature tiles.  I can't wait to see it all finished and cleaned off - everything is still sandy and has a white wash over it all because of the grout but soon it will look shiny and pretty again.

Hope to put some more up soon so stay posted - approx. 3 weeks to go---Yippeeee!!!  This weather is not helping! We hope to see some landscaping across the road next week and our driveway is scheduled for about a week and a half.  Nearly there, itching to get in, praying the hours fly by.

Ciao for now xx 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It's finally here -  Lock up!! After seeing 5 of our 6 neighbours already at this stage for the last 3 weeks, I never thought it would happen.  We have our front door on (no, it's not staying green, they paint it later - I had to explain that to Brock and they have nailed the internal garage door shut (thought they might put the door lock on but hey whatever the method....The garage doors are arriving at the end of this week and the kitchen is going in next week.  I had a call from Aziz at Baku Kitchens to confirm the colours etc and he said it will be fitted early next week and the splashback (can't wait to see that) will be in 7 days after that.  How exciting!!  I did a sneaky onto the property this afternoon to get some inside pics and they aren't the best - being taken through glass but that's all I could get.  Just a small note to self - How in gods name are we going to fit a king size bed into our bedroom?? It's so small I doubt a single would fit in there - ok slight exaggeration but i sincerely hope my measurements have been right.....hmmmmmm. There's not a whole lot of dancing

Front room (media room) through the front window.

Main bedroom storing all the internal doors.

Excuse my hand blocking the reflection.  This is the main living area leading through to the hallway with the bath in the background through the door.  Powerpoint holes have been made, 1st coat of paint on, railings for the wardrobes laying on the floor and some wood - presumably the wardrobe shelving.  Window frames are all in too.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Roof's on, impatiently waiting for the Jippy's

What a blur all of this has been.  Sitting there today going through all the photos with my Mother In Law (she doesn't have internet so has not seen any pictures), it's actually been amazing how fast Zac Homes have moved.  They have had 7 of us to build for and we already have a roof!  We had a hiccup with the carpet last week where we were told it had been discontinued.  Well quite possibly a blessing in disguise - we originally chose a really dark gunmetal grey colour and the pattern was little indents about 2cm apart.  It was nice, it was one of my favourite things that I was looking forward to seeing......we went down to Carpet Call and met with Zac's contact and chose a new dark gunmetal grey one.  He came over to us and said "that's not going in all the rooms is it?" yes it was......he said if we chose a dark colour we would be changing it within 2 years.  It would make the house look dark and it still shows stains. Didn't think about that.  Because it wasn't our fault the original carpet was discontinued he said we were allowed to chose 2 different colours.  He suggested putting the gunmetal grey in the media room and a lighter colour in the bedrooms.  So we did.  We have to match 2 colours up with the tiles, a nice tan colour is the preference and a light grey.  Depends on what goes with the tiles.  No more news this week - except the Gyprock has been delivered and is waiting for someone to come and install it and the arcitraves have also arrived.  Hoping to see some more progress Monday afternoon.  Here are the roof pictures and some cards I made - 1 of which I gave to Mum for her 60th birthday.

All of the tiles are now secure but they still have the rails around the roof.  The eaves are up so the finish looks neater than in these photos.  I will take some more this week.

The colours are quite dull in these pictures unfortunately - they are much lighter and more colourful in real life.  Mum got the 2nd one.  Papers are all from a BIG W paper pad, card base is Kaszazz, stamp is C.C. Designs, flowers are die cut with a kaszazz die, Kaszazz brads and rhinestones, Ice Stickles, glossy accents on the mushrooms, boots and button on her top.  Tan background die is Cuttlebug. Coloured using Copics.  I will get into the habit of writing the colours down that i use but that will come later in my more organised That's it from me, enough of my rambling, enjoy and keep crafting.

Kylie xx

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