Friday, March 18, 2011

1 Week to go.

Hi there.  Sneaking in a bit of craft time lately has been a bit difficult.  We are on the move in 1 week and 1 day today so I have been packing, organising and cleaning to get ready to go.  We are off to my beloved sisters house for an unknown length of time while we (not so) patiently wait for our home to be built.  The final decisions have been made this week in regards to finishes in the kitchen and bathroom and we are right on budget for a few extras we wanted.  We even have a little to play with in case anything goes wrong (god forbid) so crafting out of 2 boxes of stuff (that are overflowing out of those 3 boxes) has been a challenge and not being able to get to alot of my supplies has been difficult.  Megan has allowed me to set up camp in her back room with all my things so at least I can still do something, I won't have everything but I'll have my 2 boxes and some extra papers that are over there already.  And my beloved Cuttlebug! 

I wanted to share some pics today not only of a card I made but of my gorgeous babies, Axel and Peppa after they came back from the groomers yesterday.  It was Peppa's first shave and she was very good.

This is Peppa. She is 7 months old and a little sweetheart. We can finally see her lovely face.....after looking like this...

And this is Axel, 8 months old with his trendy scarf on which was still in place when I got home from work this morning at 12.00am. 
And he started like this....

See the spikes on his nose, yes well that's mummy's attempt at grooming so he could and that's why I pay the money to get them groomed.  
So here is my card I made today.  Using CC Designs Fiona and a sentiment from the Tags It Set, some random flowers from BIG W I bought years ago (see i do use everything eventually), papercraft patterned paper, and some ribbon and brad I also bought years ago from Spotlight.  Coloured with copics and a little glossy accent to highlight the tag and her headband.  I think she's adorable and i enjoyed colouring her in.
I am going to try and get some more made as I have some images coloured already so stay tuned and hopefully I can get those done today some time.

Bye for now xx

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