Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Piering.....finally some progress

We must be the most impatient people going at the moment...lol, we popped around to the block today to see them pouring the cement for the piering.  Wayne wandered over and explained that they have had to make a change to the garage and that the floor would be 170mm lower than planned as we have a steep driveway - cheaper and easier than shifting 10 tonne of dirt to level out the driveway apparently.  So that our car doesn't bottom out we now have a single step down into the garage from the internal hallway.   He would have made it two steps but then we would lose a car space....not a big deal now with a car and a bike to house but in the future if another car comes along....or we could always borrow his four wheel drive as he says so our car won't bottom out in the first place ;O), so we have a sunken garage planned - more sunken than it started. 

Here are some pics of the tradies doing their 'thang' and Wayne (in the sunnies) sternly directing their every movement.

I asked if he didn't mind me taking so many photos and he says he just doesn't allow the full frontal, the rear shots, any side shots or head shots ......mmmmm....

So we are in for rain this week and the slab has been put off till next week....we are just happy for it to be moving along :O)

Till next time...

Kylie xx


  1. You only took pics of the TRADIES ,not the piers ..lol PERVERT....Tracey

  2. ahhh, i did not intentionally do that....lol, i didn't want to go across the road and annoy them hence I could not see the piers....just the tradies, most are jailbait anyway ...lol


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