Monday, July 11, 2011

Moving and Shaking!!

I have a few pics to dowload today so bear with me.  We have just come back from visiting my BF and her family in Bega for 4 days.  What a blast!  Over waaaay too soon unfortunately but that's always the way. 

While we were away Mum and Peppa (my little pup) went out to take some photos of the block as we were told they would be pouring the slab on Saturday.  Well the slab didn't get poured until today but lots of work was done.

The dirt was levelled and the pipework went in.  From Left to right - The ensuite, the bathroom behind it, The middle pipe is the laundry and the far right one the kitchen.The drop down is the garage.

Honeycomb foam is all ready to be placed.

Interesting stuff, honeycomb foam!

The mesh that the concrete gets poured onto was delivered and all ready to go on top of the foam.

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