Monday, July 11, 2011

We have a SLAB!!

Hip hip hooray!!  Today, Monday 11th July, we have our slab poured.  Peter and I were talking to the boys today and they seem really nice.  I went around and tried to take a sticky beak at everyones names on the back of their posters...hehe, got most of them.  Across the road are some single purchasers - could be investors, could be single people, who knows.  We don't have anyone on either side of us yet so have no idea who we could be living next to....could be YOU!!  lol.  

Here is our gorgeous slab....ain't she purdy!

The front bit is the front patio.  Wayne has decided that the front step and the step into the garage is going to be bricked so they aren't there yet. 

Sent an email off today to our contact today about what's happening with the backyard.  That's an awfully big pile of dirt and we would like to retain it in a retaining, we would like to retaining wall it!  Is that better?
Stay tuned for more adventures, the frames are up across the road so ours is about 2 weeks behind.  We have 7 days of drying time with the slab then the external drainage goes in :O)

Looking good so far!


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