Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We're moving along....

This week has been a bit of a surprise.  These boys do not muck around!  We were told the frame would be started Saturday 23rd, but we didn't hold our breath as the weather has been pretty horrid.  But Monday I drove past after I dropped the kids off at school and they already had the outside of the frame done.  By 11am I had a phonecall from Mum saying the inside was done.  I drove around there Monday afternoon and the windows were even in.  Decided to wait until late today (Tuesday 26th) till I looked again so we could all go down together and these are the pictures.
The front windows on the left and the front doorway straight ahead.

Looking through the front of the garage into the middle and out the back single garage door. Yes Tracey, that house at the back is HUGE!  So  nice too.

Looking from the front to back (we have no back viewpoint as we aren't allowed on the block without an appointment ) to the very right are the 3 living room windows again.  The next window along is the master bedroom, then the ensuite where the little windows are. Moving further down you get to Haylee's window and then the main bathroom windows.  Right down the back is Brocks room and he has his window facing the backyard (see picture further down).

 This is the side view to the left is the garage then the sliding doors that lead into the Family Room and Kitchen, the kitchen windows are to the right of the doors, then the Spare room (craft room) down the back.
Here is a close up of the sliding doors, the kitchen windows and the craft room windows.

Side view of the double garage

Over the back there above the double pipes is Brock's bedroom window.  The pipes are at the back of the craft room and this is where the water tank is going.  We picked a charcoal one to match the guttering and window frames.  This may prove to be a bad decision ....I am not sure whether it will fade in the afternoon sun that will fall on it.  Nothing a plant won't hide.

We are trying to get an inspection time for Friday so we can actually walk around and suss the size out for furniture etc. Once that part is paid for (by Tuesday hopefully) they plan on laying the bricks at the end of next week.  We have been very fortunate and have a lovely Site Manager who is trying to get ours done first.  The people across the road have had their roof tiles delivered which are the same ones as ours just black.  They have their scaffolding beams up for the tilers and their guttering on and one is completely bricked.  All the houses are coming together quite well, it's nice to see everyones colour selections are different too.  I just hope ours looks coordinated - we tried to make it evenly blended with dark and light....you'll see....you'll just have to wait.

Kylie xx 

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