Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It's finally here -  Lock up!! After seeing 5 of our 6 neighbours already at this stage for the last 3 weeks, I never thought it would happen.  We have our front door on (no, it's not staying green, they paint it later - I had to explain that to Brock and they have nailed the internal garage door shut (thought they might put the door lock on but hey whatever the method....The garage doors are arriving at the end of this week and the kitchen is going in next week.  I had a call from Aziz at Baku Kitchens to confirm the colours etc and he said it will be fitted early next week and the splashback (can't wait to see that) will be in 7 days after that.  How exciting!!  I did a sneaky onto the property this afternoon to get some inside pics and they aren't the best - being taken through glass but that's all I could get.  Just a small note to self - How in gods name are we going to fit a king size bed into our bedroom?? It's so small I doubt a single would fit in there - ok slight exaggeration but i sincerely hope my measurements have been right.....hmmmmmm. There's not a whole lot of dancing

Front room (media room) through the front window.

Main bedroom storing all the internal doors.

Excuse my hand blocking the reflection.  This is the main living area leading through to the hallway with the bath in the background through the door.  Powerpoint holes have been made, 1st coat of paint on, railings for the wardrobes laying on the floor and some wood - presumably the wardrobe shelving.  Window frames are all in too.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Roof's on, impatiently waiting for the Jippy's

What a blur all of this has been.  Sitting there today going through all the photos with my Mother In Law (she doesn't have internet so has not seen any pictures), it's actually been amazing how fast Zac Homes have moved.  They have had 7 of us to build for and we already have a roof!  We had a hiccup with the carpet last week where we were told it had been discontinued.  Well quite possibly a blessing in disguise - we originally chose a really dark gunmetal grey colour and the pattern was little indents about 2cm apart.  It was nice, it was one of my favourite things that I was looking forward to seeing......we went down to Carpet Call and met with Zac's contact and chose a new dark gunmetal grey one.  He came over to us and said "that's not going in all the rooms is it?" yes it was......he said if we chose a dark colour we would be changing it within 2 years.  It would make the house look dark and it still shows stains. Didn't think about that.  Because it wasn't our fault the original carpet was discontinued he said we were allowed to chose 2 different colours.  He suggested putting the gunmetal grey in the media room and a lighter colour in the bedrooms.  So we did.  We have to match 2 colours up with the tiles, a nice tan colour is the preference and a light grey.  Depends on what goes with the tiles.  No more news this week - except the Gyprock has been delivered and is waiting for someone to come and install it and the arcitraves have also arrived.  Hoping to see some more progress Monday afternoon.  Here are the roof pictures and some cards I made - 1 of which I gave to Mum for her 60th birthday.

All of the tiles are now secure but they still have the rails around the roof.  The eaves are up so the finish looks neater than in these photos.  I will take some more this week.

The colours are quite dull in these pictures unfortunately - they are much lighter and more colourful in real life.  Mum got the 2nd one.  Papers are all from a BIG W paper pad, card base is Kaszazz, stamp is C.C. Designs, flowers are die cut with a kaszazz die, Kaszazz brads and rhinestones, Ice Stickles, glossy accents on the mushrooms, boots and button on her top.  Tan background die is Cuttlebug. Coloured using Copics.  I will get into the habit of writing the colours down that i use but that will come later in my more organised That's it from me, enough of my rambling, enjoy and keep crafting.

Kylie xx

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