Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nearly there....

Things are moving along steadily today with a quick walk-through with Wayne this morning.  The hallway tiles are finally finished.  That was a bit of a fear of mine that those tiles were going to take 6 weeks to come in and the colour wouldn't be a match.  All is a-ok, the colour matches and it only took 2 weeks so
The landscaping started yesterday with the digger moving all the dirt from the back around to the sides and the front hill levelled out.  Not too sure what they are doing with the front - we thought we were getting a retaining wall but then they moved all the dirt away so maybe not....that's a surprise factor.  We have alot planned for the next 2 days and into next week....
The water tank that is currently sitting in the garage is being installed tomorrow, the cleaners are going into the house for the next 2 days and all the door handles are being fitted.  The electrician is coming in to do the lights, the glass splashback in the kitchen has to be taken back off as they missed a powerpoint.   All the light switches, powerpoints, gas point and TV points are in, toilets, bath and shower screens are all in too.  The painters are coming back to paint a new downpipe and to repaint our front door and our laundry door (yes...the horrible mustard colour is no more!...soon) . 
Here are some pictures of the outside - I probably won't be getting anymore inside pictures until we get the keys but when we get things sorted I will put some inside pictures up.  In the meantime here are the outside ones....

The front yard has been cleared

Not  too sure what they doing here....

The pebbles are getting laid on the gate side which will look great.

The piles of pebbles ready to be spread and the gas and metre box as Haylee wanted me to take a picture of this.   She said "because it's pretty Mum" mmm hmmm....ok whatever floats your boat Hay.

Haylee up the back yard - "take one of me Mum" lol

Garage side dug out ...more on that later... where on earth did that water come from?  It hasn't rained here in 2 weeks ...hope they didn't nick a they wet it to hand shovel it out?

View up the back, although we are seeing some of the neighbours yard in this shot, but not much.

So that's it for today, doesn't look alot but most of it is little things inside getting done and I can see them getting done but never have enough time to take pictures.  We are a little crushed this week though as we were hoping for our final inspection to be Saturday but then last week that got moved back to early next week and then this week it is getting moved back to the end of next week.  We aren't going to be in by next weekend but we are hoping to be in before the weekend of the 5th and 6th...fingers crossed.  I would love to go the Papercrafts Festival at Panthers that weekend so it would be perfect to be in just before then.  One can only hope.

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