Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We're down to 2 days!!

It's pretty much official, we have the truck booked in for Friday, the bank promising to have the cheque ready for Friday morning and we are packed and ready to go.  I just need to tee up a time with Mario to do the exchange.  It's all happening!  The concreter is arriving Saturday to do the rear patio area, the shed slab and the laundry door landing.  The clothesline went in yesterday, the letterbox, which wasn't the one we picked but we like it anyway and the gardens all went in yesterday.  Today we had the blinds go in, the turf laid and the fences should have been done but at least the wood is there ready to go.  Tomorrow hopefully that will be in along with Haylee's carpet.  Now the hard work starts, trying to get everything booked for delivery, and all the laybys paid off.  IN 2 DAYS!  But who's complaining? certainly not me!!!  I have one more night shift left before I take 2 weeks off and hopefully will get a few days off from my day job. Friday and Monday would be nice.
  I took some photos there today and felt very sorry for the poor buggers who laidthe turf in 36 degrees of heat!  It looks great though and we are happy with most of the plant selections.

Haylee and Brock impatiently waiting for Mario - who actually got held up waiting for someone else's appliances to go in and missed our appointment - we will get to that tomorrow.

Who's that sexy fella in the boots?  lol looking good babe xx

Excited much? Yes we are!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's getting there.

With one week to go we have alot to are the shots from our final inspection on Monday 31st October.

We met Mario our new site manager (yes Wayne is out unfortunately, I liked him :-<  ) but Mario is lovely and took us around and wrote everything down that needs fixing or changing.  Our only concern is the kitchen benchtop - it looks horrible, it's scratched everywhere where the contractors put their paint tins down and god only knows what else and there was no protective film.  Anyhoo, we will deal with that one this week.

The certifier went over it all on Friday so we are waiting (very nervously) for the final report and hopefully if everything is ok, the Occupancy Certificate.  Once that is received the bank valuer will go out and make sure the property is worth what we are paying for and they will pay the final payment and we will have a brand spanking whopping new mortgage...oh i mean house, new

So the landscaping goes in Monday, Tuesday, the concreter goes in to lay his foundations and all the nitty gritty stuff gets finished.  That's the plan anyway so I have positive thoughts going out and optimism that it will all be ok and we will be in by Friday this week.   We better be, i just finished packing!

Screen door is on, over the wrong coloured door - which is supposed to be fixed this week.

 Our room, new carpet in, looks nice, was glad we didn't have to take the grey.
 Ensuite done, just a few fixes and changes, wrong handles, door is coming apart at the bottom, 2minute repair jobs.

 Waiting for soap dishes to be installed in the shower, the shower screen is really nice!
Water tank is sitting in the garage and not being installed until we move in - apparently they get stolen quite frequently.!!

Kitchen still waiting for the correctly cut splashback - we only had it a few weeks and it had tocome off as they forgot to cut a powerpoint hole - the electrician didn't mark the spot so the kitchen mob didn't cut the hole out.

Haylee's carpet still waiting to go in as her floor needed repairing first.

 Main bathroom bath and vanity.
Our fewly fixed pipe and old mud puddles...will soon turn into grid work for our rear carport.

So that's the update, lots to do but i have faith they will get it done.  I have every finger and toe crossed.  Still not booking in the deliveries until at least Wednesday though, just to be on the safe side.

And on a crafty note....I went to the Penrith Papercrafts Festival today to get my Mother In Law a Cuttlebug for her birthday/xmas present and picked up a few things for myself, nothing fancy....pffft, like I would go there and not spend money on myself!  I picked up 11 copics, heaps of brads, a copic wallet, books, a magazine, stamps, a christmas pack, a spellbinders set, some pins etc etc etc, can't even play with any of it though as I have work x2 all week and no time to myself!  That will have to wait.  2weeks off from my night job from Friday so wooooohooooo, bring it on!

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