Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wow, it's been awhile!

8 months ago was my last post, so I had better start blogging and start crafting again.  I haven't made a card in ages and I haven't done a layout in about 2 years!

I am trying to get into the party business.  I have an idea where I can help mums run their kids (or other adults') parties.  I want to offer services from lolly jar hire for buffets to organising and decorating parties.  From making cake pops to invitations, to organsing the party games - anything the host needs doing I want to be able to do. 

I have set up my email, designed (but not printed) my business cards and decided on a business name.  It's called Giggle Pop Creations and I believe it represents fun, parties and colour - right up my alley! Now all I lack is confidence, money and time - haha - the impossible dream when I lack those key ingredients.

So I have decided that after picking up the nasty habit of smoking for 3 months (yes it was a social Christmas) I won't get anywhere if I spend all my money on cigarettes.  So today, after a few previously failed attempts, this is the day - I probably picked the worst day to do  it - not only am I suffering from PMS today but I am coming down with something and feeling pretty miserable. :O(
It's never going to be a good day!

But as women do, we battle on, no rest for the wicked, noone to look after the Mum, just have to suck it up and keep going.

My goal over the next few months is to firstly get my humongous bills paid and get my Mum paid off (a loan I couldn't avoid getting - the result of a shocking week of horrible occurrances that spiralled out of control before my very eyes - but that's another story.)

Then I plan on expanding my apothecary jar collection - I have these so far....

x2 of these
x2 of these
x2 of these
x1 of these which is a huge jar.
Then I have an assortment of bowls, white platters and cake stands, one of which I love  that looks a little like this but mine has the levels graduating in size.

So you can see why I want to get into it.
A few months back I helped a girlfriend throw her 4 year old a pirates and princesses party.  It looked ok, I couldn't get the differing themes gelled the way i wanted but it looked ok in the end and of course it didn't matter what I thought as long as the kids loved it - which they did - they demolished it!  lol

That was the trial and it went off with a bang - I am just going to throw myself in and hope I can swim.
I still have to work out what I am going to charge but I think that will depend on how much the host wants me to do.  Apart from cake pops I am going to stay away from food - just offer suggestions and recipes instead of making it - transporting food can be a pain - this party was only down the street and it was hard enough the get the jelly to stay upright in the
So wish me luck I will be checking in more often and updating you all on my progress and getting into craft a bit more hopefully too.
Kylie xx

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